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Web series: 'Cooking with Dog.' You've got to see the dog.

February 27, 2013|By S. Irene Virbila
  • Learn to make oyakodon (chicken egg drop donburi) on the Japanese web series "Cooking with Dog."
Learn to make oyakodon (chicken egg drop donburi) on the Japanese web series… ("Cooking with Dog" )

A Japanese friend sent me a link to a video this morning. I rarely stop to look at something like that, but I'd hit a snarl in what I was working on, and clicked. It made me laugh and I very much needed it at that moment.

It's a link to a Japanese cooking show on the web entitled--I kid you not--"Cooking with Dog" with your host Francis. In the lesson, you learn to make oyakodon, or chicken egg drop donburi. You could really learn to make the dish from the video, which includes English subtitles and a voiceover in English.

But that dog! A coiffed gray poodle dressed up in pearls and fuchsia bows who sits just behind the host, watching everything with interest and good as gold all the while.

Love those Japanese videos!

If you're wondering about the odd-looking pot the host is using to cook the donburi, Hitachiya, the Japanese cookware store in Torrance has the Oyako-nabe for $22.90. The lid is $7.12.


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