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Letters: Herbalife and its connections

February 27, 2013

Re “Herbalife cozies up with UCLA,” Column, Feb. 24

If the professors at UCLA are going to sponsor an old-time medicine show, at least the money should go to the school, not into their pockets.

I've always held UCLA Medical School in high esteem, but this revelation certainly is a tarnish on its record. I thought doctors had a code of ethics, but maybe not.

Hopefully, dishing out Herbalife pablum “does no harm,” but we don't even know that for certain.

Bernard J. Patnode
Lake Forest, Calif.

I do not understand the undertone of Michael Hiltzik's column regarding Herbalife and the UCLA professors who endorse its products.

Last I heard, no one from Herbalife was running for political office, nor were these doctors. In these recent articles concerning Herbalife, I don't recall any references to the quality of its products; perhaps they really work.

This company has lasted for decades and has expanded to include many useful items as well as protein drinks, bars, etc.

Perhaps this is why these doctors lend their names to it.

A.R. Mann
Los Angeles

Your columnist did a first-class job on the Herbalife/UCLA professor connection.

The important issue in such cases is: Does Herbalife and/or the professors (and similar companies) make more than just “feel good” claims about its products?

Once a company makes claims such as that it cures cancer, those claims are subject to criminal charges.

Steven Oppenheimer

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