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Live discussion: Will the Lakers make the playoffs?

February 27, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

The Lakers have 24 games left in their season, and with their record a disappointing 28-30, they are three games out of a playoff spot in the NBA's Western Conference. Join Times Lakers writer Mike Bresnahan at 11:30 a.m. today for a live discussion of what the Lakers need to do to make the playoffs.

As Bresnahan wrote earlier this week,

"There is one place the Lakers (28-30) lead the league, and it's certainly not victories. They are surrendering 16.3 fastbreak points a game.

"Kobe Bryant has a way to solve it.

"You have to almost overexaggerate getting back on defense. Literally, nobody can go to the offensive boards," he said.

"That's one way of doing things.

"Another is to get younger. That won't happen. Another is to stop committing turnovers. No indication that will happen, either.

"The Lakers average 15.3 turnovers a game, fourth worst in the league. Bryant commits 3.6 a game, tied for third overall, and Dwight Howard is at three a game.

"Howard's are less critical because they come down low, but Bryant's and Steve Nash's turnovers (2.6 a game) expose the Lakers to open-court dangers.

"The Lakers don't get a break with their middle-of-the-pack three-point shooting, either, which leads to plenty of long rebounds.

"There's also simply a lack of hustle at times.

"Coach Mike D'Antoni noticed the Lakers weren't showing "that little extra burst and trying to get back" on defense against Denver."


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