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Conan O'Brien and Johnny Galecki re-create 'The Goonies'

February 28, 2013|By Meredith Blake

Attention, children of the '80s: Conan O'Brien and Johnny Galecki -- a.k.a. Rusty from "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" or David from "Roseanne" -- have teamed up to re-create one of the decade's finest cinematic achievements, "The Goonies."

As Galecki -- known to children of the '00s as Leonard from "The Big Bang Theory" -- told O'Brien on Wednesday night, "Conan" is filmed on the same Warner Bros. lot as Richard Donner's beloved adventure comedy film.

He then asked O'Brien for a "personal favor": Would he join him in a reenactment of one of the movie's most memorable scenes?

"I figured I would play the adorable and magnetic Chunk and you would play the deformed giant monster [Sloth]," he said.

Galecki had come prepared with costumes, a wig and a remarkably accurate Sloth mask complete with moveable ears. As sentimental music played in the background, "Chunk" professed his love for "Sloth." It was enough to bring tears to the eyes of '80s nostalgists everywhere.

Maybe next time he's on "Conan," Galecki will try to re-create this scene. Now that would be something.


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