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Adam Lambert fans flames again with latest 'Les Miz' comments

January 03, 2013|By Reed Johnson
  • Adam Lambert has a few things to say about the film version of "Les Miz."
Adam Lambert has a few things to say about the film version of "Les Miz." (Todd Williamson / Invision…)

Adam Lambert is humming a different refrain about the movie version of "Les Misérables" after his Twitter critique of the Oscar-covetous film went viral. Instead of damning the movie with faint praise, Lambert now is praising it with faint damns.

In one of his initial Dec. 30 posts about "Les Miz," Lambert wrote: "Visually impressive w great Emotional performances. But the score suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers"

A few hours ago, Lambert felt called to expand his views.

VIDEO: Jackman, Hathaway on making 'Les Miz'

"Those raw and real moments when characters broke down or were expressing the ugliness of the human condition were superb," Lambert tweeted in one of his follow-up postings. "However," he added, "My personal opinion: there were times when the vocals weren't able to convey the power, beauty and grace that the score ALSO calls for."

Lambert goes on to suggest that he finds the film soundtrack inferior to previous recordings of the Claude-Michel Schönberg/Alain Boublil musical. "I guess I'm a purist for the original LIVE broadway recording when the actors sang the .... outta those songs. JUST an opinion...."

"I should prob stop fanning the flames on this one...but i love a good debate- couldnt help myself," Lambert continued. "One last thing though: Anne Hathaway was so good- had me tearing up. Oscar worthy performance for sure!"

For the record, Lambert isn't the only critic to take issue with the holiday-season hit at the box office.


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