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How would you make travel easier for friends and family? Tell us

January 03, 2013|By Catharine M. Hamm, Los Angeles Times Travel editor
  • Time flies. Did you wait too long to get your passport? What did you do?
Time flies. Did you wait too long to get your passport? What did you do? (Diane Bigda / For The Times )

Wow. Readers, you rock.

In the Dec. 30 print edition  of the Travel section, we asked you share travel tips for our annual resource guide, scheduled for publication Feb. 17.  It was a holiday week and things were slow but you were not, sending in about 100 tips altogether.

What a great start to an issue that promises to be full of information designed to make your travels easier.

For those of you who got caught up in the holiday madness (or were just too tired take on one more task), we turn to you to ask again for your best ideas. What would you share with your family or your friends to make their trips easier?

This might be some hard-won bit of wisdom (I waited too long to apply for my passport!) or an idea for easing the stress of flying (don’t pack unsecured bottles of wine in your suitcase!).

The tips can pertain to just about any aspect of travel — plane, train, automobile — and any country, its customs or is sites. Email your ideas to with the subject line Resource Guide Tips.

Please include your name and city of residence. Deadline is Feb. 3.

Happy travels to you and thank you.

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