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Letters: More wishes for the new year

January 03, 2013

Re "It's 2013, when dreams may yet come true," Editorial, Jan. 1

I'd like to add the following wish to The Times' list: That a meaningful dialogue on stopping the abusive application of the state secrets privilege and related policies take place.

We need as a start a grass-roots effort to get the equivalent of 2012's H.R. 5956 passed. Can you imagine if religious clergy, Boy Scouts leaders and educational institutions had the state secrets privilege doctrine to hide behind?

Richard Franklin

Canyon Country

Wishing that L.A.'s poet laureate could somehow crank out catchy couplets for a city anthem assumes that poets are elevated jingle writers.

In a town full of rappers, copy writers and marketing geniuses, there should be an ample talent pool to promote our beloved metropolis without compromising Eloise Klein Healy's rare gift of creating and inspiring literature that touches the whole world.

Jack Cooper

North Hollywood

One more wish for the new year: May all the politicians and newspaper editors who have great ideas on what they'd like be required to explain where the money will come from.

Dick Ettington

Palos Verdes Peninsula


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