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Letters: A gun-free America

January 03, 2013

Re "Feinstein and Graham offer preview of gun control fight," Dec. 31

If Congress passes a ban on assault-style guns, President Obama will enjoy only a short celebration. There will soon be another massacre using those weapons, and the National Rifle Assn. will pounce on that as proof of the futility of such measures.

The real solution to stopping gun violence is to outlaw firearms for personal use. This would, of course, require repealing the 2nd Amendment. We are not yet ready for this, but eventually we will get so sick of the carnage that sanity will prevail and repeal will come.

Is it worth giving up guns to save tens of thousands of lives? Gun worshipers will answer no. How about you? Had enough? Let's get rid of guns.

Russell Johnson

Santa Barbara


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