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Letters: Going after the Boy Scouts

January 03, 2013

Re "Top execs didn't report suspected Scout abuse," Dec. 31

On Monday and Christmas Day (among others), The Times published front-page articles about the Boy Scouts of America's sexual abuse reporting practices relative to its Ineligible Volunteer Files.

I'm an Eagle Scout and have been a scouting volunteer for more than 45 years, and I've never witnessed a case of sexual abuse in the organization. However, I do not condone the past practices of the Boy Scouts. Those policies have changed with required criminal background checks of volunteers. The Boy Scouts' policies are now shown to be a model for youth organizations.

Could The Times write a positive article about the group? How about the thousands of lives saved by Scouts because of their training and bravery?

Christopher Vaughan

Escondido, Calif.


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