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Jerry Sandusky victim unhappy with sanctions placed on Penn State

January 03, 2013|By Houston Mitchell
  • Jerry Sandusky during his trial last year.
Jerry Sandusky during his trial last year. (Gene J. Puskar / Associated…)

One of Jerry Sandusky's victims in the Penn State sexual abuse scandal announced through his attorney on Wednesday that he was unhappy with the sanctions the NCAA placed on the school as punishment for its role in covering up the abuse.

"Victim No. 4 was very disappointed when he learned of the NCAA sanctions several months ago," attorney Benjamin D. Andreozzi told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday. "He was particularly upset the sanctions were so broad that they impacted people who had absolutely nothing to do with the abuse or the failure to properly report the abuse. The NCAA acted as if it were the victim in this tragedy, and failed to even take the pulse of the real victims before imposing its will.

"I am not suggesting that PSU should have walked away with no sanctions or that the victims should have controlled PSU's penalty. Rather it was a mistake to impose a broad sanction that gave little consideration to the people who had nothing to do with the abuse, and inexcusable to not at least consult with the real victims and weigh their thoughts as a factor in the decision-making process."

The NCAA declined to respond to Andreozzi's comments.


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