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Letters: Israel's border fence

January 05, 2013

Re "Israel finishes main part of border fence," Jan. 3

The fact that so many of the Islamic war-afflicted in Africa seek a haven in Israel should be seen as an indicator of how Israel is perceived on the ground by Africans. It takes either great bravery or desperation to traverse Africa and then survive the harsh Sinai desert to arrive at Israel. Unfortunately, Israel, mostly made up families of Jewish refugees from around the world, cannot absorb these immigrants.

That is not to say that there is no official way to enter. Israel has a guest worker program, but walking across a border without permission is not that way. We can learn a lesson here: By building an effective fence on the U.S. borders, the American people could gain control of who has a right to enter this country.

Israel, with a fence designed to actually work, is accomplishing what the U.S. should have done decades ago.

Gary Dalin



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