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Letters: Facebook as bragbook

January 06, 2013

Re "I 'like' me, I really 'like' me," Opinion, Jan. 3

Until recently I had been a cynical voyeur on Facebook. I never posted anything, but took pleasure in mocking, as Meghan Daum so accurately describes it, the self-promoting of my "friends." But then there was that flattering picture of me in Tijuana with my son, the one where I looked pretty young, and so, you know, just for the hell of it....

Well, the "likes" and compliments streamed in, and I responded with predictable self-deprecation: "The lens was blurred, but thanks!" For a second I smiled. But in the end, the experience was, as Daum suggests, empty.

Indeed, after reading Daum's column, I have to say that I "unlike" me, I really "unlike" me.

Ona Russell

Solana Beach, Calif.

My husband and I were connected to Facebook by our goddaughter a few weeks ago. A time-sucking vortex indeed.

Daum is right and wrong. A guest of mine posted a picture of a salad I served, which got more buzz than some of our (brag) acclaimed art. Dumbfounding!

To get a beneficial experience from Facebook, "friend" people whose posts you find stimulating. I'm actually amazed and moved by much I see. As for politics, some of the commentary is valuable, some is too much, and some is guilty pleasure. Sometimes I can't resist it.

Facebook is what you make of it.

Marianne Hunter

Rancho Palos Verdes

Perhaps Daum would do well to contemplate why she apparently finds it so difficult to rejoice in her friends' accomplishments, rather than complaining about how much other people brag.

Beth Lee-De Amici

Redondo Beach


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