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Letters: Stars in his eyes

January 06, 2013

Re "Bieber has point on paparazzi," Column, Jan. 4

David Lazarus calls celebrity paparazzi parasites "whose sole motive is personal enrichment." On the other hand, war journalists fearlessly put themselves in harm's way "to perform a public service and document a bona-fide news story."

I can't see celebrity photographers as any more parasitical than any other ancillary job to celebrities. How is it different than someone who sells rock T-shirts? And although war journalism can be noble, one could see a parasitical aspect to it. News organizations know war coverage sells papers and boosts viewership.

Personally, I appreciate paparazzi. I'm really interested in celebrities and what they do. I wish we could end all wars and thus all war journalism, and that I could just look at celebrity photos.

Greg Dahlen



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