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Letters: Bulldozing a nature preserve

January 06, 2013

Re "The Army Corps is on the spot," Jan. 4

Before the arrival of Europeans to the San Fernando Valley, the area was a Southern Oak woodland, populated by great valley oaks and the understory species of plants and grasses that thrive in and around these majestic giants. A riparian corridor (the Los Angeles River) once flowed freely through this place. Myriad species of birds, reptiles, small mammals and insects once inhabited this land.

I propose a way to right the environmental wrong that the soldier boys have done: The Army Corps of Engineers should, under the strict supervision of experts, embark upon the full restoration of the Southern Oak woodland that once was here. The oaks will be infants, but in time they will grow. Meanwhile, the shrubs and grasses will be the vanguard of the restoration.

The Army Corps of Engineers' dreadful environmental mistake needs to be reversed.

Susan Klenner

Woodland Hills

Please add my name to those aghast at the outrageous destruction of the wildlife refuge area of 43 acres in the Sepulveda Basin by the Army Corps of Engineers. The fact that this was done with no hearings, no environmental impact report and no warnings of any kind is almost beyond belief.

As part of the process of holding those responsible accountable, a plan should be developed for restoration of the area — a long and expensive process, I have no doubt.

Gertrude Barden

Porter Ranch


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