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Web Buzz: AirportChatter

AirportChatter is a free app to help you find what you're looking for in an airport.

January 06, 2013

Are you stuck at the airport? Whether you're in the middle of a long layover or an indefinitely delayed flight, Airport Chatter will be your warm-fuzzy and will guide you to a restaurant, shop or person who is just right for you.

Name: AirportChatter

Available for: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad; Android is coming.

What it does: Aims to improve your airport experience with venue information, reviews and community.

Cost: Free

What's hot: It's a slick design with fast, easy-to-use navigation. I liked that I could use the app to plan for my upcoming long layover in Miami — especially the references to Wi-Fi and weather. AirportChatter shows shops, restaurants, snacks, bars, currency converters, airport lounges and more by terminal. There were few reviews when I tested it, but, like wine, most socially driven apps get better with age. "Radar," a feature that's coming soon, will allow travelers to connect with other travelers who have checked in.

What's not: The login is pretty restrictive. You can get in only if you check in with Facebook. Also, don't try to download this app as you're racing through the airport. It requires iOS 6.0. If you haven't updated your smartphone or iPad, you'll need to do that before you get the app. Also, I didn't see a category for bathrooms, but I'm hoping that will be easy to find once I'm in the airport, if not on the map, then the old-fashioned way (looking for the local signage).

Worth it: No brainer. Just think: You need a drink, your kid needs an ice cream, your phone is running out of juice and you need a charging station — now.

— Jen Leo

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