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CES 2013: Flower Power lets plants communicate their needs

January 07, 2013|Michelle Maltais
  • The Flower Power device from Parrot transmits advisories on care and condition from the source: the plant.
The Flower Power device from Parrot transmits advisories on care and condition… (Fred Simon )

LAS VEGAS -- If plants at the nursery scream when they see you coming, a maker of wireless speakers and smartphone-guided quadracopters thinks it has a solution for you.

Parrot's Bluetooth device Flower Power aims to make the experience of gardening more fruitful and less deadly (for the plants). It's a new area of exploration for them: "eco-geek" products.

The device, which looks kind of like a tuning fork or dowsing rod, sticks right into the soil. Using wireless sensors, it measures the sunlight, humidity, temperature and fertilizer level and transmits its findings over Bluetooth to the companion app on the user's iOS device.

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The app boasts a library of 6,000 plants in what the company says is a botanist-developed database. You can set up push notifications to help keep your lush, green avocado tree from turning into a dried-up stick, as mine currently is from unintended neglect.

The Flower Power sensor works with indoor and outdoor plants, is said to have a six-month battery life and comes in two colors: emerald and wood.

So if gardening is your dream but really isn't in your nature, you should be able to pick up the device this year to help green your brown thumb. No word available on pricing.



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