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Las Vegas: At CES, getting into the fun of gadgetry

January 08, 2013|By Jay Jones
  • Some smartphone users can now swipe their phones over one of 4,500 Tec Tiles installed at seven Las Vegas resorts to learn more about everything from gaming to dining.
Some smartphone users can now swipe their phones over one of 4,500 Tec Tiles… (Caesars Entertainment )

Even if you're not going to the Consumer Electronics Show, running Tuesday through Friday in Las Vegas, you can still test drive one of the world's newest gadgets this week.

With the right kind of smartphone you can find what's hot at certain hotels and even find out when a big jackpot last hit on a particular slot machine.

The new product, called TecTile, will be unveiled Tuesday (today) at various Caesars Entertainment resorts on and near the Strip. The manufacturer, Samsung Mobile, is installing 4,500 programmable stickers throughout the various properties as a way to make information easier to access. 

For example, visitors to Caesars Palace and Paris will be able to scan a sticker outside certain restaurants to view the menus and determine average check totals. At those hotels plus Harrah’s and Planet Hollywood, guests can obtain casino information ranging from game tutorials to win/loss statistics.

To access the data, consumers will need a smartphone with NFC (Near Field Communications) technology. That’s a feature offered on a variety of cellphones by Samsung and others.

The TecTile stickers were first demonstrated six months ago.

“Since then, these programmable stickers have not only changed how consumers interact with their phone, but they have made it much easier for businesses to create unique experiences for their customers using this innovative capability,” said Kevin Packingham, chief product officer for Samsung Mobile.

The partnership between Samsung and Caesars Entertainment will continue long after the convention ends. A publicist said the TecTiles would remain in place at seven resorts for at least the next few months.

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