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Letters: Why Hagel's the perfect choice

January 08, 2013

Re "Hagel faces tough test in Senate," Jan. 7

So Beltway politicians believe former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.), President Obama's Defense secretary nominee, is "outside the mainstream" of American foreign policy because he favors diplomatic solutions to international problems, wants our country "to avoid needless, senseless wars," insists that his primary loyalties are to the United States and urges a "careful decision-making process" before starting new wars? Meanwhile, his critics are the same politicians who have taken our country to war under false pretenses, subordinated our national interests to those of other countries and bankrupted our country fighting unnecessary wars.

Hagel may be outside the mainstream of this thinking, but he is clearly in the mainstream of American public opinion.

Dennis M. Clausen

Escondido, Calif.

Hagel's criticism of the Iraq war, his expressed loyalty to the U.S., his circumspection about going to war and his status as a decorated Army veteran make him an outstanding candidate for secretary of Defense. Obama and the public should strengthen their support for Hagel in the face of opposition to his confirmation.

Philip Hendricks

San Diego


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