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Watch AJ McCarron and Barrett Jones have on-field confrontation

January 08, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

Think no one laid a hand on Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron during the 42-14 rout of Notre Dame in the BCS title game on Monday night? Think again.

No, it wasn't anyone on the Fighting Irish, it was McCarron's own center, Barrett Jones.

With the play clock running down during the fourth quarter, McCarron started screaming and jumping excitedly at the line of scrimmage, then got in Jones' face and yelled at him. Jones responded by shoving McCarron back a couple of feet, and it looked for a moment that the two might come to blows.

No big deal, they both said after the game.

"I shouldn't have pushed him," Jones said. "It's just not a big deal. The play clock was running down. We were delayed. We just wanted to run some clock and we ended up not having much time at the line and they shifted and I ended up having to make some calls, and then the clock ran out. AJ blamed it on the nearest person, which was me."

McCarron agreed.

"He wanted to do something else, and I was right and he didn't like it," McCarron said, grinning. "That's us, we're both perfectionists. I think you're all are making it a little bit bigger than what it is."

You can watch the incident in the video above.


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