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Watch boyfriend propose to Iowa State's Anna Prins at midcourt

January 08, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

A diamond in the middle of a basketball court? Shouldn't that be on a baseball field?

Iowa State senior center Anna Prins was celebrating her team's 86-47 victory over Alabama State on Monday night when she got a big surprise.

Her boyfriend, Ryan De Hamer, came out to midcourt and proposed to her. Fortunately for him, she said yes. A no would have been really embarrassing, seeing as how the video of the proposal, which you can watch above, has gone viral.

"I was crying," Prins told the Ames Gazette. "I couldn't have asked for a better place, just with all the people that were involved: Coach, my team, the fans in Hilton, my family was there. Pretty special."

Prins leads the team in blocked shots, so she is used to rejecting things. But this proposal was uncontested.


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