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Our money may soon feature the world's goofiest signature

January 09, 2013|By David Lazarus
  • If Jack Lew becomes Treasury secretary, his distinctive signature will grace our money.
If Jack Lew becomes Treasury secretary, his distinctive signature will… (Office of Management and…)

If, as it appears, Jack Lew is being picked by President Obama as his nominee to serve as Treasury secretary, get ready for a goofy addition to our money.

No, he's not going to dress it up in fancy colors or include a picture of Kim Kardashian. He's going to sign his name.

That's what Treasury secretaries get to do -- they slap their signature on our currency. Typically, that's not such a big deal.

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In Lew's case, though, it's noteworthy. Why? Because the guy signs his name like a first-grader scrawling loop-the-loops.

We've known for months now that Lew, who has been running the Office of Management and Budget, has a really strange John Hancock. In 2011, a memo surfaced containing the distinctive penmanship.

So if Lew advances in the money world, we'll all soon be able to bask in his mark.

Me? I think it's about time our cash reflected such a serious and sober personal sensibility. Remember, others won't respect you unless you respect yourself.


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