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You like recipes, right? How about 300 of our all-time favorites?

January 09, 2013|By Russ Parsons
(Los Angeles Times )

You never, ever, have to complain about not having something to cook again. Really. You know how seriously we have always taken our recipes at the Times Food section -- testing and re-testing to get everything right. We love them all.

But some, we have to confess, we love more than others. And every year since 1985 we've collected the very best recipes in a year-end compilation (here's this year's). Until today, it had been hard to find many of them -- there was no room to display them on the website and many of them were hidden away in different databases.

Check out our Food section site now, though, and you'll find every Top 10 recipe collection since 1985, easily accessible, most of them with color photographs. Including bonus recipes, that's more than 300 of our favorite recipes over almost 20 years.

You'll find old favorites like Nancy Silverton's hamburgers, oven-steamed salmon, lamb shank korma and Georgian cheese bread. And you'll find some definite "guess-you-had-to-be-there" moments, like something called "Molded Chick-A-Roni Coup"; published in 1989, it's a ring mold filled with chicken breast, chorizo, ham, cheese, raisins, pickle relish and ... bacon. Well, at least there's bacon.

Hours of fun reading, and hopefully months of good cooking.


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