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Letters: La Jolla's stench

January 09, 2013

Re "La Jolla stuck with stench," Jan. 6

I am concerned that the La Jolla residents are not going far enough in the quest to eliminate discomfort caused by their proximity to the environmental nuisance called the Pacific Ocean. We all can sympathize with the problems of the stench of saltwater and related flora and fauna. But let's not stop there. They need to do something about that constant racket caused by waves breaking on the beach. And then there is the beach itself. All that sand gets everywhere.

I believe that those most concerned should move to protect themselves. I will personally volunteer to live in and maintain their slum properties while they are recuperating from the ordeal.

Please consider the sacrifices these people are making to protect us from these problems and provide the support they need to solve them.

Robert Zwissler

Manhattan Beach


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