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John Travolta warbles 'Yesterday' with Keith Urban [Video]

January 10, 2013|By Christie D'Zurilla

John Travolta ... sings! And he sings more than just that weird Christmas tune with Olivia Newton-John!

Travolta took to the stage Wednesday night to warble the Beatles' "Yesterday" with Keith Urban at a Beverly Hills "Spirit of Australia" cocktail reception kicking off G'Day USA, an annual event that celebrates and promotes the U.S.-Australia relationship.

Urban, husband of Nicole Kidman, was the booked entertainment by the way, not the "Grease" star.

"There's a spirit about Australia that I see in our girls, even though they were born in Nashville," Urban told the crowd, via the Herald Sun.

"Strangely enough, Nic was born in Hawaii and I was born in New Zealand. But we were fully raised in Australia — all our childhood memories are Aussie. So I can see there is a particular spirit in our house that the girls have without having been raised there."

Also on hand at the event, which launched Swisse Wellness in the U.S.: Liam Hemsworth and Miranda Kerr.

Travolta will be honored later this week as a goodwill ambassador to Australia at a black-tie gala capping Australia week. The actor, also known as a pilot, is an ambassador for Aussie airline Qantas as well.

So, did you like it? More or less than that awkward Christmas video? Tell us in comments.


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