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Damien Hirst tries a little product placement

January 11, 2013|By Kelly Scott
  • A visitor to the Gagosian Gallery in Paris takes in some of Hirst's dots.
A visitor to the Gagosian Gallery in Paris takes in some of Hirst's… (Christophe Karaba )

The ceremony bestowing the Grammys of Britain, the Brit awards, is still a month off, but artist Damien Hirst has revealed his design for the statuettes that will be handed out: same shape, but it will have spots.

Are we surprised?

In early 2012, Hirst and Gagosian put on exhibitions at all 11 of its galleries around the world, including the one in Beverly Hills,  of his "Spot" paintings, in which grids of dots are painted in various colors and sizes. For five weeks, 300 of the more than 1,500 existing spot paintings were shown.

(Hirst and Gagosian parted ways in December after 17 years.)

The Times of London reports that Hirst, known for such attention-getters as a shark in formaldehyde and a diamond-encrusted skull, unveiled the statue Thursday as the nominations for the awards were announced. The shape is sort of midway between an Oscar and a Barbie doll. Winners of a Brit -- and a Damien Hirst -- will be announced Feb 20.


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