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Sock talk with the quietest Kardashian

January 11, 2013|By Adam Tschorn
  • Rob Kardashian (shown in a "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" 2012 promotional photo) and a design from his recently launched Arthur George men's sock line (Graffiti, $30).
Rob Kardashian (shown in a "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"… (From left, Anders Overgaard…)

I recently had a chance to chat with Rob Kardashian about his new Arthur George by Robert Kardashian sock label for a story that appears in this Sunday's Image section.

Below are some of the highlights and insights from our 45-minute conversation that covered everything from design inspirations (Hermès scarves among them) to thoughts about getting a pair of his socks on sister Kim's boyfriend (and soon-to-be father of her baby), Kanye West.

Lucky socks

"I used to have a lucky pair of socks -- but I'm mad because I think I recently left them in Toronto or someplace like that. They were these really cute socks by LRG that had little panda bears on them."

The design process

"The company that makes them -- Universal Hosiery -- is based here in [Santa Clarita]. I send them photos of things that I see -- wallpaper patterns and things like that -- and they draw up the designs."

Bold back story

"My dad always wore either suits or these crazy Hawaiian shirts – loud patterns and stuff so maybe part of the bold patterns and designs comes from that. ... But we actually presented Neiman's with something like a hundred different designs and they chose a lot of the crazy ones. There were some that weren't that wild."

Horseshoes and suitcases 

"The horseshoe and suitcase pattern was kind of inspired by an Hermès theme. Hermès is one of my favorite companies and when I think of them I think classy and high-end. I actually collect their scarves and frame them and give them to my mom as gifts. But their amazing artwork and patterns don't really translate to a sock very well because the yarn makes it tricky, so it ended up a little weird. It's not my favorite pattern."

Landing in Neiman Marcus

"My mom's team had a relationship with a gentleman at the [Neiman Marcus] Topanga store, he knew of my interest and it just happened from there. It all just clicked -- my sisters aren't even [selling] in Neiman's."

Future collaborations

"I have friends who are graphic designers and artists and down the road I'd like to do some collaborations -- I'm not even talking just the Arthur George stuff. Mister Cartoon is one of my friends, and there's this cool artist named Curtis Kulig whose signature is the 'love me' motif. I'm also friends with the guys who own The Hundreds and Diamond [Supply Co]. I've known them all for a long time."

On famous feet

"What one celebrity would I love to see wear my socks? I can't say Kanye any more right? I mean I should make him [wear a pair], right? Probably, once I'm 100% satisfied with the designs, the packaging and the length -- everything -- it would be really satisfying to see [David] Beckham wearing a pair of my socks."


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