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Letters: Wing of shame at the Hall of Fame?

January 11, 2013

Re "Baseball writers throw a shutout at Hall of Fame," Jan. 10

Several of baseball's greats, including slugger Barry Bonds and pitcher Roger Clemens, were denied entry into baseball's Valhalla, presumably because of the steroids scandal. That's OK by me. They likely cheated, so they don't deserve to get in.

My question is about the sportswriters, the real experts whose votes determine who gets a plaque on the wall. Where were these guys when the players on the field were going from 180 pounds to 220 and hitting balls that left vapor trails? Why didn't they raise their voices in protest as records were crushed?

I'm not much of a sports fan, actually, but I'm a big fan of justice, and I like to see it applied equally.

Bart Braverman

Los Angeles

I have the perfect answer to the problem baseball writers are faced with regarding Hall of Fame nominees from the so-called steroid class: Open an asterisk wing at the Hall of Fame.

Robert McArthur

Mar Vista


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