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Letters: La Jolla's stench -- it's that bad

January 11, 2013

Re "Odor in La Jolla," Letter, Jan. 9

It's funny to be sarcastic about the now-pervasive stench around La Jolla Cove, but the air really stinks, and it has nothing to do with "saltwater and related flora and fauna."

Seabird guano on the rocks has accumulated because a fence was erected by the city of San Diego to keep humans from venturing onto said rocks, and now no amount of rain can wash the area clean. And no public official or public agency will lift a finger to eliminate the problem by waiving regulations that prevent a simple remedy: washing off the rocks with water from firetruck hoses.

It's amusing to ding the 1%, but people from all over visit La Jolla. Restaurants with patios and porches are suffering. The smell now permeates the entire town when the wind is right.

That's bad, even for out-of-town Times readers who might enjoy a weekend getaway nearby.

Frances O'Neill Zimmerman

La Jolla


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