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Facebook explains Graph Search and how to keep your privacy [Video]

January 15, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez

Confused or concerned about your privacy and Facebook's new Graph Search tool? The social network has a video on YouTube explaining the new feature and how users can protect their privacy.

Facebook on Tuesday announced Graph Search, which is essentially a social search tool that helps you find information about those in your network. For example, you can search for things like "People who live in Los Angeles," "Movies liked by my friends" or "Photos of me and Jim Juarez."

Graph Search launches Tuesday in a very limited release, but eventually, it'll get to you, too.

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So how can you protect your privacy? In the video, Facebook says that Graph Search works a lot like the News Feed feature. If you're familiar with those settings, you should be good. If not, keep reading.

If there's some information about you that you don't want to show up publicly, you can go to your profile's "About" section to change it. Click "Edit" on the section you want to change, then look for an icon at the top right of that section -- it'll likely be a globe or an image of two people. You can change that icon so that the selected information is made available only to your friends or just to yourself.

The video explains that you can remove picture tags by going into your Activity Log, which can be found on your profile page below the bottom right of your cover photo.

Once there, click the Photos section. To the right of each picture is a pencil icon that you can click to open a menu and then select Report/Remove Tag. If it's your own photo, you can also choose to delete it.

You can similarly edit other types of activities such as posts, comments, Likes and more.


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