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Letters: Act now to save the planet

January 15, 2013

Re "Climate panel delivers a grim portrait," Jan. 12

"Climate change" is a rather benign term for the global disaster that will, in a very short time, affect all life on this planet. Even "global warming" can be misunderstood. Some people, in cold climates, might think it good to have an extra few degrees of heat. Few seem to understand that it means myriad extreme consequences that we're already experiencing.

There's no time to argue; there's only time for serious action on everyone's part. All citizens should write to their representatives and demand legislation to lower carbon emissions from all sources. And we can all lower our personal carbon footprints.

Whether we're rich or poor, we're going to be seriously impacted by what is to come. But we can avert this disaster if we all act now.

Lynne Girdlestone


The third National Climate Assessment does indeed paint a grim portrait. Regrettably, it carries the same message found in the PriceWaterhouseCoopers report from November and several others. There is little to disagree with in this well-researched report; however, one point does need clarification.

The article states that the "most controversial question" is whether the cause of our global warming is fossil fuel consumption. Recent polls show that the majority of the public understands that this is the case.

The controversy remaining today is the residual embers of a very well-funded effort by the fossil fuel industry to "say it isn't so." Today, even most of them agree that human-caused carbon dioxide emissions are the problem.

Robert Siebert



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