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Letters: Less medicine isn't the cure

January 17, 2013

Re "First the cat, now the health system sinks teeth in me," Column, Jan. 15

I am sorry about that horrible ordeal David Lazarus experienced, including his problems with the money side of our healthcare system. However, I am concerned that one of the aspects of Obamacare that Lazarus supports will have doctors making more money by not treating patients.

If a doctor gets a fixed amount to treat you (say, $8,000) and "pockets" the amount not spent, then who is to say that he will treat you to the fullest extent? Under this new system, if you go to the hospital with that cat bite, perhaps you will be sent home with an antibiotic cream.

Under the new system, who will decide if I should be seen for an ailment? Will I get past the "gatekeeper"? If I don't go to the doctor all year, who will get to keep that $8,000?

Lea Osborne

Woodland Hills


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