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Manti Te'o hoax: Watch the Notre Dame news conference

January 17, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick held a news conference about the Manti Te'o controversy Wednesday night. You can watch the entire news conference above. Some highlights:

Question: You said this is an online relationship, yet Manti has talked about speaking with a person he thought was Lennay. Did a person, in effect, take her position and talk to Manti as if she were his girlfriend?

Swarbrick: Yeah, online and telephonic. There were lengthy, long telephone conversations. There was sleeping with the phone on connected to each other. So all of those things. The issue of who it is, who's playing what role, what's real and what's not here is a more complex question than I can get into.

Q: You mentioned that the perpetrators -- Manti wasn't the only one he targeted. Other people at Notre Dame or other ... a bigger scheme?

Swarbrick: I'm not aware of anyone else at Notre Dame.

Q. And the Deadspin report said that Manti had a relationship with who they thought the perpetrator was, whether it was a cousin or a family friend. Was that true, and do you know if that played into the motive at all?

Swarbrick: That characterization does not square with my information, but I'll let the Te'os address it.


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