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Samsung to launch 5.8-inch phone dubbed 'Fonblet'?

January 18, 2013|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Samsung is reported to be working on a phone with a 5.8-inch touch screen called the "Fonblet" that is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Player, shown above.
Samsung is reported to be working on a phone with a 5.8-inch touch screen… (Samsung )

A new report says Samsung will announce a 5.8-inch screen phone for the European market, but it's the device's odd name that's getting all the attention. 

The phone will reportedly be called the "Fonblet," which is about as strange as strange gets with smartphone names these days.

We're not sure if Samsung would be trying to combine the sound of the front part of "phone" with the back end of "tablet," but that might make sense considering the device will have a large screen. The coinage "phablet," also a combination of "phone" and tablet," is already being used in market forecasts to describe phones with touch screens larger than 5 inches.

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The rumored "Fonblet," which appears to have been trademarked by the company, would be Samsung's largest smartphone to date. SamMobile, a tech news site that writes about Samsung, reported Friday that the South Korean giant will be announcing the device "soon."

Besides its screen size, SamMobile says the Fonblet will come in white and run some version of Android Jelly Bean. SamMobile says the device will be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Player, which only launched in South Korea.

If Samsung does come out with the device, it might want to change the name.

"Fonblet? This is a joke, right? Please?" one tech blogger tweeted.


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