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Dodgers should not be leaving Don Mattingly in limbo

Manager says his request for the team to pick up an option year in his contract beyond this season was turned down, so his job could be in jeopardy if the club with the $200-million payroll struggles.

January 19, 2013|Bill Plaschke

"I did a clinic out here with some inner-city coaches, and they said their biggest issue was that they don't have any gloves for the kids, and I thought that was crazy," he said. "Baseball is a game of pitch and catch, and you can't catch without a glove. I think about all the lessons in life I learned through baseball, I want kids to have that same chance."

You can buy tickets on You can watch Mattingly learn even more of those lessons of life this season in a Dodgers dugout that will be sweltering. He says he only hopes his players have spent the winter watching another highly touted Los Angeles team struggle.

"Did we learn from the Lakers so far? That's a good lesson for us," he said. "They put a super team together, and so far it hasn't worked."

A super team that, incidentally, fired its coach after five games.

"Let's learn that lesson and don't do that," Mattingly said, and he may have been laughing, but it was hard to tell.

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