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Letters: Afghanistan's not worth it

January 20, 2013

Re "The Afghan formula," Opinion, Jan. 17

Max Boot's assessment that the war in Afghanistan "shows no sign of ending any time soon" is right. Afghanistan is basically a lawless frontier that will not be tamed any time soon. Hundreds of thousands of troops would be needed to completely subdue the country.

America's mission to kill or capture Osama bin Laden and chase Al Qaeda out has been accomplished. To turn Afghanistan into a pacified Western democracy is a neoconservative pipe dream. We should make peace with the government, the warlords and the tribes, shake hands and then leave.

Paul Moser III

Studio City

It is interesting when a person who never served in combat is willing to sacrifice the lives of more American servicemen and women in pursuit of an elusive "victory" in Afghanistan. After more than 10 years of fighting and dying with negligible results, President Obama has, apparently, rightly concluded that this war is no longer worth the sacrifice.

But Boot wants to soldier on. Has he learned nothing from Vietnam or Iraq?

Dennis McIntyre

Rancho Palos Verdes


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