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Letters: Lance Armstrong the cheater

January 20, 2013

Re "Lance Armstrong's legacy," Editorial, Jan. 18

I lost both my parents to cancer. My father died at the time the Livestrong Foundation was formed, and I've been wearing the yellow bracelet since the beginning. When it finally became apparent that Lance Armstrong had been doping, I still wore my bracelet because I was able to separate the man from the foundation.

However, after reading that Armstrong's doping could have helped cause his cancer, I can't do it anymore. I recently threw away my bracelet. I'll find another cancer organization to support.

Stacy Antler

Los Angeles

Imagine you have trained hard for a year for the Tour de France, but the only chance you have to win is if you dope like many other contenders. What are your choices?

It's not as if Armstrong sat on the couch for a year and then took a magic pill that made him win. I'm not saying he did the right thing, but I understand.

Theodore R. Corwin

Westlake Village

Armstrong lied, cheated, ruined lives and potentially broke the law in a country where in some places minor criminals can be imprisoned for more than 20 years ("three strikes") for shoplifting. Regardless, Armstrong seeks to be forgiven and to return to competing in some form. Armstrong, who pocketed millions from sponsors and in undeserved prize money, will now certainly be paid well for his inevitable tell-all book.

Finally, the important query: Who will portray Armstrong in the movie?

John Holmstrom



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