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'Once Upon a Time': Brothers, mothers and fearing the world outside

January 21, 2013|By Jevon Phillips
  • The Frankenstein brothers on "Once Upon a Time."
The Frankenstein brothers on "Once Upon a Time." (ABC )

The Storybrooke world stands as the center of the four-pronged plot attack that assails the "In the Name of the Brother" episode of "Once Upon a Time" this week. The stories are focused on relationships between Regina and Cora, Rumpelstiltskin and Belle, the Frankenstein brothers, and the town versus a stranger.

Starting where we left off, Capt. Hook has just been hit by a car and Belle has lost her memory since she was shot by Hook and forced over the border of Storybrooke. Prince Charming and Emma Swan are barely able to stop Rumpelstiltskin from killing Hook. Of concern now is the stranger who seemingly lies unconscious in his car. A stranger from the outside world.

Rushed to the hospital, Hook is restrained and fixed up (broken ribs), and Dr. Whale learns that he has to perform surgery on the stranger. It causes Dr. Whale to recall a time when the Frankensteins -- he, his brother Gerhardt and their father -- argued over the importance of his work. The senior Frankenstein wants Victor to become a military doctor, and he's pulling his funding from his experiments to make sure it happens. Brother Gerhardt protests, but the father's mind is made up.

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In Storybrooke, Ruby, Grumpy, Snow, Charming, Dr. Whale and Emma discuss the reality of having an outsider come into town, and one whom they later learn saw magic being performed by Rumpelstiltskin. As Grumpy says, like in "E.T." and "Splash," when regular folks "find something magical they want to study it." So there's much to be fearful about, but of course, they can't let someone die, right? Dr. Frankenstein's on the case to save Greg Mendel (the stranger). They find out his name through his cellphone, which has a "Star Wars" ringtone.

Back in Frankenstein's black-and-white past world, Rumpelstilskin stirs up trouble by offering Dr. Whale funds to continue his work if he'll show him his secret to bringing back the dead.

Finally, Cora reveals herself. She brings Rumpel a bit of a peace offering: a globe of some sort that will help him find his son. They strike a truce, and seal it with a kiss.  A kiss?!? Cora and Rumpel used to kiss? Wow -- something else to explore in later years.

Dr. Frankenstein needs a body to continue his work, so he goes to the cemetery, where his brother confronts him. Police come as well, and they shoot Gerhardt. Victor has his body. He tries to revive him, but isn't able to, frying the heart that was supposed to beat within him.

In Storybrooke, Dr. Whale runs away from the hospital, leaving just as he's supposed to perform surgery. No one knows why; Ruby tracks him. And meanwhile, Cora, disguised as Henry, finds Regina, who is hiding underground near her vault of hearts. The reunion! The confrontation! The ... reconciliation?

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Yes. After all of this time waiting for the fireworks between them to erupt, Cora gives us ... an apology? She pulls on a few heartstrings with Regina, but Regina wants to take Cora back to town to tell "Emma and Henry and the two idiots" that she is innocent.

Ruby finds Dr. Whale. She uses super speed (didn't know she had that) and saves him from killing himself. Flashback to Frankenstein's black-and-white land ... Victor has revived Gerhardt (after receiving the heart from Regina back in 'The Doctor' episode). But yes, he's a monster, and kills their father after their father attacked Victor.

Cora still has a way with words, and convinces Regina that she is out to help her get her son back. She has a plan, and Regina seems to be going through with it.

Ruby convinces Dr. Whale that he still has the chance to help people. He returns to the hospital and saves Greg. Later, Sheriff Emma questions Greg about what he saw. He says he saw nothing and was texting, causing relief to flow through the townspeople assembled. Great, except that he was lying, and is spreading the word already.

Lastly, back to Rumpelstiltskin. He uses the globe to find his son, but needs Emma Swan to accompany him to find him. Finally calling in that favor, and of course, a parting threat that if any harm comes to Belle, who earlier spurned him and broke his beloved chipped cup, he would kill them all. Probably not an idle threat, either.

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