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Watch Daiki Ito's hilarious failed ski jump attempt

January 21, 2013|By Houston Mitchell

Skis in place? Check. Goggles set? Check. Position self on bar before jump? Whoops. It was one of those days for ski jumper Daiki Ito of Japan on Sunday.

As you can see in the video above, Ito lost his balance while sitting on the bench at the top of the ski jump hill, preparing for his second jump of the day. He tries desperately to hang on, but loses his grip and slides all the way down the hill.

A novice jumper, you must think. No, Ito was in second place at the time and has won four World Cup ski jump events in his career.

To make things worse, Sunday's competition took place in Sapporo, Japan, so many of his countrymen got to see the hilarious miscue. Ito was uninjured, except for his pride.

Too bad "Wide World of Sports" is no longer on. They would finally have something to replace Vinko Bogataj's "agony of defeat" jump.


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