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'Mama' owns box office. CAA's wild party. Tutor exits Miramax

January 22, 2013|By Joe Flint
  • "Mama" ruled the box office.
"Mama" ruled the box office. (Universal Pictures )

After the coffee. Before seeing the ratings for 'The Following.'

The Skinny: The game is still almost two weeks away and I'm already tired of Super Bowl hype. I'll never make it to February 3. Tuesday's headlines include a recap of the holiday box office, Blockbuster is closing more stores, and a wild party at Sundance.

Daily Dose: Sunday's AFC and NFC championship games drew big audiences, but numbers were off from 2012. Fox's coverage of the Falcons-49ers game averaged 42 million viewers, a drop of more than 15 million compared with last year's Giants-Packers game. CBS' coverage of the Ravens-Patriots rematch averaged 47.7 million viewers, down 1 million from 2012. 

Mama's house. The horror movie "Mama" dominated the box office over the holiday weekend, taking in $33 million. That was more than enough to top the other new releases, which tanked. The political drama "Broken City" took in just under $10 million while Arnold Schwarzenegger's "The Last Stand" may prove to be his last stand, pulling in just $7.2 million. Getting a big Golden Globes box-office bump was "Argo," the hostage rescue thriller, which would be my pick for best picture at the Oscars. A box-office recap from the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal

Tutor learns lesson. Billionaire Ron Tutor has sold his ownership stake in Miramax, the once red-hot indie studio that is now primarily a library asset. Walt Disney Co. sold Miramax in 2010 for $663 million to Colony Capital, Tutor and the Qatari Investment Authority. Questions still remain on whether running Miramax solely as a library is a viable long-term plan. More on Tutor's sale from Variety

Better return that DVD fast. Remember Blockbuster? It's that video store chain you used to rent movies at years ago. Well, its parent company Dish Network is closing 300 stores. This is on top of the 500 stores it shuttered last year. When Dish bought Blockbuster, it planned on using the stores as a marketing platform for its satellite service as well as a home entertainment center. Apparently they can do better as empty buildings. More on the closings from the Denver Post.

More residual checks. Everyone likes to make some sort of symbolic gesture when they start a new job. For Jeff Zucker, that meant bringing back the James Earl Jones "This is CNN" buffer it used to play at the end of shows. It is similar move to when Katie Couric used Walter Cronkite's voice as the intro for her CBS newscast. Now go do James Earl Jones proud and boost those ratings! More on Zucker's first week on the job from the New York Times.

Why wasn't I invited to this party? The talent agency CAA apparently had quite the bash at the Sundance Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter said the festivities included erotic dancers and a "simulated sex act." Who bought the rights to that one?

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Super Bowl spots are getting longer and more expensive. The Dodgers want to get a new cable channel out of their next TV deal.

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