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'The Biggest Loser' recap: What will happen to the white team?

January 22, 2013|By Rene Lynch
  • Going into this week, the white team had just two members: Pam, left, and Danni.
Going into this week, the white team had just two members: Pam, left, and… (NBC )

"The Biggest Loser" could rename the white team "Team Danni." That's because she's the only left standing after a week in which the trainers were dispatched to check in on the kids, leaving the players to work out on their own.

This week's episode was playing out like the blue team was poised to lose — the way the cameras caught the blue team members relishing some down time when they were supposed to be working out on their own. And it seemed they were doomed to lose this week's weigh-in by the way the cameras played up Jeff mouthing off to Jillian when the trainers returned for a last-chance workout. (Did you agree with Jillian's assessment of Jeff's work ethic? Is he dogging it? Or is she being overly harsh on him?)

But those were probably clues that the blue team was safe. Instead, it was the rapidly dwindling white team — Jillian's team — that crashed and burned. They needed to lose 12 pounds to be safe. Danni did her part, losing six. Pam? She lost just three, even though it certainly looked like the white team was toiling long and hard in the gym.

And the white team even managed to take first and third in the 5K race! (One gets the idea they did that by imaging the wrath of Jillian if they didn't.) For their troubles, they got a $15,000 pay day.

Pam will be missed. She brought a sweet spirit to the house; and, let's face it, it was fun watching her clash with Jillian (and then making the necessary breakthrough). But Pam wasn't going to make it to the end. No offense to her. There are just too many people with lots of weight to lose and an ability to crank harder in the gym. So now was as good a time as any for Pam to go.

Besides, she clearly gleaned what she needed to from the ranch and has already dropped 50 pounds and is well on her way to her size 9 goal, and keeping up with her daughter.

Aside to Pam: Good for you for doing your own "Damn, girl!" makeover. If you've learned anything at the ranch, it's clearly that you don't need to wait around for anything to do anything for you. You look fantastic: Love the hair, the make-up, the dress and the sass. I suspect you will be wearing some racy little leopard print something-or-other at the finale! No more confusing bear crawls and bear claws for you.

How do you think the kids are faring? They all seem to look healthier, like their skin is improving by ditching the junk.

I couldn't help but note that for all three kids, Mom has been the driving force behind the changes these youngsters need to make, and are making. Moms of America: You rule. This is not to heap on guilt or more pressure on moms. Just a reminder of a mother's unique power to persuade, soothe and set a new course for one's family.

Take Sunny's case: What she really wanted was her mother's approval. That's an oversimplification, of course. But with her mother's encouraging words, Sunny will be better equipped to make some much-needed changes.

A huge, huge round of applause for Biingo's mom and dad. The family is among those many Americans who were badly hit by the recession, but they made the decision to do whatever it took — even selling their home and moving into a basement — to keep the family intact. Thanks for the reminder that so many Americans are still hurting, but that's no reason to give up on health and wellness.

Kudos as well to the high school cheerleaders who came to cheer on Lindsay and, at least for the moment, defy the mean girls stereotype. Nicely done, young ladies. Hopefully, someone on the team can continue to mentor Lindsay until she hits high school.

I wish I had a magic remote to fast forward several years. Will Sunny become a doctor? Will Lindsay make a cute-as-a-button high school cheerleader? Will Biingo hit the big leagues?

And then of course there's the more pressing question: What will happen to the white team?


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