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NCAA discovers improper conduct by its investigators in Miami case

January 23, 2013|By David Wharton

The NCAA announced Wednesday that it has uncovered improper conduct by its own investigators working on the University of Miami case.

Former staff members worked with the criminal defense attorney for Nevin Shapiro to improperly obtain information through a bankruptcy proceeding, the NCAA said.

Shapiro is a former University of Miami booster who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for orchestrating a $930-million Ponzi scheme.

"I have been vocal in the past regarding the need for integrity by NCAA member schools, athletics administrators, coaches and student athletes," NCAA President Mark Emmert said in a statement. "That same commitment to integrity applies to all of us in the NCAA national office."

The NCAA mentioned "other recent events involving the enforcement staff" in announcing it has commissioned an external review of the enforcement program.

As for the long-running Miami investigation, the association said it will not move forward with a Notice of Allegations until all of the facts surrounding the issue are known.

"To say the least, I am angered and saddened by this situation," Emmert said. "Trust and credibility are essential to our regulatory tasks."


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