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Letters: Thumbs down for this online reviewer

January 24, 2013

Re "An appeal to online reviewers: Don't leave home with this card," Column, Jan. 22

Thanks to David Lazarus for his one-star review of Brad Newman and his card for prolific online reviewers. Any establishment that is dumb enough to give better service to anyone who flashes this card at the expense of other customers had better do it on the down-low lest it receive an onslaught of negative online comments from regular folks.

I would certainly take my business elsewhere if I knew that was happening.

Al Bonowitz

Huntington Beach

I find it troubling enough to have a forum like Yelp boosting the amateurish pseudo critic into the limelight, spouting fabrications without any fear of reprisal. Then to have people like Newman come along to wave a "business" card under your nose and expect preferential treatment out of the threat of a bad review?

There is a reason the best food critics try to remain anonymous: to give the reader an unvarnished, educated opinion of a dining experience.

Let's call Newman's operation what it is: blackmail.

Dana Mosbarger

Santa Monica


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