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Pivot Power Mini charges several mobile devices at once

January 25, 2013|By Lisa Boone
  • The Pivot Power Mini can fold in half for storage and travel.
The Pivot Power Mini can fold in half for storage and travel. (Quirky )

To help cellphones, tablets and other mobile devices further take over your life, Quirky has released the Pivot Power Mini, a power outlet attachment designed to charge as many as four pieces of electronics at the same time using only outlet.

The Pivot Power Mini has two traditional grounded outlets and two USB ports. The design folds for easy travel. The price: $24.99 through Quirky’s online store.

Designed by 23-year-old Jake Zien, the Pivot Power Mini is an after-market version of built-in USB wall outlets now being installed in some homes.

With early online reviews for the outlet mixed, we asked a Quirky spokeswoman to clarify the device's capabilities.

The spokeswoman said that the Mini’s ability to charge devices simultaneously will depend on the specific models in use and their individual power needs. In other words, if your mobile tools for living are big energy drains — say an iPad and an iPhone — they may not want to share those USB ports with anything else.

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