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Let the gym come to you with these fitness sites

No parking, no padlocks, no sweaty bags. Sites can lead you in a workout wherever you can set up a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

January 26, 2013|By Melinda Fulmer

It's a great site for beginners and intermediate exercisers, with top names and solid programs, but those looking for bigger physical challenges might be disappointed. Moreover, as these videos are tied to Gaiam's DVD releases, the workout library isn't updated as frequently as some other sites.

GaiamTV offers a 10-day trial.

BeFitin90 YouTube channel
Cost: Free.

If you have a big appetite for fitness but a small budget for it, YouTube is a great place to find instruction.

One of the best channels for those looking for circuit training is Lionsgate's BeFitin90, which offers a 90-day program of strength, cardio, yoga and athletic drill workouts. The plan serves up five days of workouts a week, each totaling 35 minutes, as well as health and nutrition tips on the off-days.

The workouts here, hosted by former British track-and-field Olympian Samantha Clayton and personal trainer Garret Amarine, are challenging, building in difficulty as you progress.

Subscribers to the BeFit channel, which Lionsgate uses to hawk its other workout DVDs, can find other free workout programs there as well, such as "30-Day Six-Pack Abs."

Worth a mention

Other sites that offer a more limited range of streaming workouts include the popular Physique 57 and Ballet Beautiful barre workouts on demand, as well as EMG Live Fitness, a New Jersey-based site that gives access to live workouts as well as videos on demand.

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