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Belt designed to get through airport security in a snap

January 27, 2013|By Hugo Martin
  • A Badichi belt with an easily removable buckle is designed to get through airport security faster.
A Badichi belt with an easily removable buckle is designed to get through… ( )

First there was the coat, designed by a Pennsylvania businessman, that is lined with dozens of pockets that let air passengers pack all of their electronic gadgets without hauling a bag onto the plane.

Then came the suitcase, designed by a Michigan marketing manager, that was designed to fit the exact dimensions of the space under an airline seat, to avoid carry-on bag fees charged for using the overhead compartment.

Now comes a New York designer who is marketing a belt to make getting through airport security a snap.

The metal buckle snaps on and off so passengers don’t have to remove the leather belt to go through the metal detectors, said Yinon Badichi, who sells the belts online and at five New York Badichi Belts shops.

The buckles of most belts are attached with permanent rivets. The advantage of snaps, Badichi said, is that it allows the metal buckles to come off quickly either to zip through airport scanners or to switch out the buckle to better match your outfit.

“I’ve tried it with the Transportation Security Administration,” he said. “I had no problems.”


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