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CNN starts overhaul. 'Entourage' movie finally happening?

January 30, 2013|By Joe Flint
  • HBO's "Entourage" may finally make it to the big screen.
HBO's "Entourage" may finally make it to the big screen. (HBO )

After the coffee. Before the thunderstorms hit D.C.

The Skinny: Yes, I'm in Washington now. I'm out of the New Orleans hotel with no window and in a basement on a couch. Isn't the life of the entertainment journalist glamorous? FX's latest drama "The Americans" premieres Wednesday night. I've seen the first two and it's worth checking out, especially if you want to see Keri Russell kick butt. Tuesday's headlines include some big changes at CNN, an "Entourage" movie gets the go-ahead and Walt Disney Co.'s "Epic Mickey" game is history.

Daily Dose: Al Gore was on NBC's "Today" show Tuesday, and one of the subjects was the recent sale of the former vice president's cable channel Current TV to Al Jazeera. Lauer tried to grill Gore -- an environmental activist -- on the hypocrisy of selling his cable network to a company financially backed by the oil-rich government of Qatar. That's fair game, but what Lauer didn't mention was that NBC's owner, Comcast, also owned a piece of Current and thus made some money off the sale too.

Epic fail. Walt Disney Co. does so many things right -- ESPN, theme parks, Pixar -- but it still is struggling with video games. On Tuesday, the company said it had closed the Texas studio that made "Epic Mickey," which was an effort to create a Mickey Mouse for the interactive age. But Disney does not give up easily and is now putting together a new game platform called Infinity. Seems to me that lately Disney's best moves are buying things (Pixar, Lucasfilms, Marvel), not building them. Maybe that's what they need to do with video games too. More on the demise of "Epic Mickey" from the Los Angeles Times.

New look. New CNN chief Jeff Zucker is wasting little time overhauling the cable news channel. Besides bringing in some new on-air talent including Chris Cuomo and getting rid of some old faces (James Carville, Mary Matalin), longtime managing editor Mark Whitaker is also out. Whitaker championed international coverage and with him gone there is speculation that CNN will increase coverage of soft news and lifestyle stories, especially since Zucker's most successful news gig was running NBC's "Today" show. Coverage of CNN's shakeups from the Wall Street Journal and Hollywood Reporter

Binge or wait? Netflix is rolling out its much-anticipated political drama "House of Cards" starring Kevin Spacey next month (I liked the first episode but need to see the second before issuing a verdict) and it will be interesting to see how its subscriber base reacts. Netflix likes to encourage binging on shows. But is a strategy that works well for its rerun acquisitions a wise approach for its first big original show? Should they instead roll out episodes on a weekly basis just to milk it? Variety with an analysis.

Robinov's revenge? Warner Bros. is going ahead with plans to make a movie based on the HBO show "Entourage," according to Deadline Hollywood. Although many fans thought the show ran out of steam about two years before it finally ended, there are others who think a big-screen version of the Hollywood spoof will be a huge draw. Count me among the former. Maybe studio chief Jeff Robinov green-lighted the movie as payback for not getting the top job at Warner Bros.

New beat. Rick Kaplan, the news producer whose long career has included high-level positions at CNN and CBS, has joined the music channel Fuse to develop a music news program. While this seems a little out of Kaplan's wheelhouse, the hard news veteran tells the Associated Press that he wants the show to "be a place where if you're involved in the industry in any way - and that means anybody with a headset - this will be the place where you will want to go."

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Robert Lloyd on FX's new show "The Americans." Behind the Oscar campaigns of "Argo" and "Lincoln." Tribune Co. -- parent of this news organization -- has a new top lawyer.

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