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Lance Armstrong says he's the fall guy for the sport of cycling

January 30, 2013|By Houston Mitchell
  • Lance Armstrong is calling for a "truth and reconciliation commission" for the sport of cycling.
Lance Armstrong is calling for a "truth and reconciliation commission"… (Jordan Strauss / Associated…)

In an exclusive interview with, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong says he is the fall guy for the sport, and continued his efforts to get equal punishment for everyone who cheated while competing.

Some of the more interesting excerpts from the Q&A:

Cyclingnews: Why do you believe that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) is the best way forward for cycling?

Armstrong: It's not the best way, it's the only way. As much as I'm the eye of the storm this is not about one man, one team, one director. This is about cycling and to be frank it's about ALL endurance sports. Publicly lynching one man and his team will not solve this problem.

CN: Does TRC need to provide a complete amnesty?

Armstrong: Of course otherwise no one will show up. No one.

CN: Would you hope that your ban was reduced if you testified to WADA?

Armstrong: That's irrelevant. What is relevant is that everyone is treated equally and fairly. We all made the mess, let's all fix the mess, and let's all be punished equally.

CN: Do you feel like you're the fall guy for an entire sport/system?

Armstrong: Actually, yes I do. But I understand why. We all make the beds we sleep in.


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