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ESPN accidentally airs anchors' candid discussion about Tim Tebow

January 30, 2013|By Chuck Schilken

Tim Tebow is not playing in the Super Bowl.

But that didn't stop ESPN anchors Mark Schlereth and Hannah Storm from discussing the New York Jets backup quarterback Tuesday during the network's live coverage.

What's that you say? People talk about Tebow all the time? True. But did we mention that Schlereth and Storm did not realize they were on the air at the time?

Ah, suddenly things got a lot more interesting as viewers got to hear the two analysts express how they really feel about Tebow's future in the NFL. The not-so-private conversation picked up after Schlereth apparently told Storm that the former Denver Broncos quarterback might want to consider switching to tight end.

"But I'm going to tell you, I talked to a bunch of Broncos coaches who said, 'I just don't know if he's a fluid enough athlete to go over and play tight end,' " said Schlerth, emphasizing his doubt about such a move by squinting his eyes and showing his teeth.

Storm agreed with the assessment while using a same exaggerated facial expression: "Well, that's the thing, isn't it?"

But Schlereth wasn't finished. "They say he doesn't catch the ball naturally either," he said.

Storm, who apparently has seen the quarterback attempting to catch a football, concurred once again. "Nooooo," she said. "And ..."

She stopped abruptly after hearing something in her ear piece. Presumably someone is telling her they were about to go back on the air since a producer is then heard telling the two to stand by (a little late, dude).

OK, so it wasn't the most damning assessment of Tebow's abilities and really not much different than anything we've heard before about the polarizing player. Still it's amusing to listen in on a conversation ESPN never intended for us to hear.


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