Letters: It was nice knowing you, Mr. Howard

Free agent may be leaving Lakers' money on the table and heading for Houston. Fans aren't exactly crying about it.

July 05, 2013
  • Dwight Howard will not be a member of the Lakers next season, instead he's opted to chase an NBA title with another team.
Dwight Howard will not be a member of the Lakers next season, instead he's… (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles…)

Dear Dwight,

I am one of many lifelong Lakers fans who actually wish you well. I admit that cap space has never won an NBA championship. On the other hand, neither have you.

Maury D. Benemie



Dwight Howard is like the guy who walks into a bar with a beautiful girl on his arm and dumps her to pick up on another who looks more intriguing. He'll always want what he doesn't have instead of appreciating what he's got.

Rhys Thomas

Valley Glen


STAY ... realistic.

The Lakers should have run full-page ads in The Times with gigantic two-word messages like "GROW UP" or "GET SERIOUS."

Cay Sehnert

South Pasadena


If I were Mitch Kupchak and the Buss family contingent, I'd take all that Dwight Howard money and find some of these young, hungry, interested and committed athletes and go get them. They are out there, and so is your next coach and so, too, will your next championship be until you do.

Dan Johnson



Fast forward to 2034. The Jazz and the Warriors, the only NBA teams for whom Dwight Howard has not played, are in a bidding war for his services. With beckoning banners hanging from the Mormon Tabernacle and Golden Gate Bridge, each GM proclaims having the right situation to allow this 48-year-old budding superstar to reach his full potential.

Alan Abajian

Alta Loma


A number of letters last Saturday criticized the Clippers choice of Doc Rivers as their new head coach. I think it is safe to say the letters came from Lakers fans.

I have a question for the letter writers. If you could choose between Rivers and Mike D'Antoni as the Lakers coach, whom would you select? Be honest now .

Bert Bergen

La Cañada

Yes on Yasiel

There should be no debate. Yasiel Puig deserves to be on the NL All-Star team. He's hitting like Lou Gehrig, he's fielding like a young Willie Mays, and he's running with the speed of a 22-year-old Mickey Mantle.

At the rate he's going, he'll be the mayor of Los Angeles in no time. It's too bad Bo Belinsky isn't around anymore to show him the Hollywood night life.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


Who are these non-believers, these nattering nabobs of negativism like, oh, I don't know, maybe Mike Scioscia and Bruce Bochy, who have the nerve, the audacity, the temerity, the chutzpah to suggest that Yasiel Puig doesn't deserve to play in, let alone start, the All-Star game?

All-Star game? Puig deserves to be immediately enshrined in Cooperstown — unanimously on the first ballot.

Bill Bell

Mar Vista


Jonathan Papelbon tells us that it's a joke that Yasiel Puig belongs in the All Star game. What's a joke is how Papelbon has been pitching for the past two years.

Ralph S. Brax



Inbee Park's accomplishment of winning the first three major championships on the LPGA Tour is historic and worthy of significant coverage. Had this been Tiger Woods it would have been on the front page of the newspaper. Are you not giving strong coverage to women's golf because it is less popular or is it less popular because you refuse to give it the coverage it deserves?

Rick Miggins

Toluca Lake

Taking a shot

Is it just a coincidence that A-Rod's minor league manager is A-Ped ?

George Sands


Quacked up

Any sane, reasonable person knows full well why Oregon was treated more lightly than USC by the NCAA. Those without bias and completely objective know USC is extremely, without a doubt, evil. And Oregon? Well, Oregon is just a little bit of heaven visiting on Earth.

John Roaney

(Oregon '52) Lawndale


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