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Greyhound to add Wi-Fi and entertainment system on buses

July 08, 2013|By Hugo Martin
  • Bus seats afford a good view of Pyramid Lake, near Castaic, on a Greyhound trip in California.
Bus seats afford a good view of Pyramid Lake, near Castaic, on a Greyhound… (Arkasha Stevenson / Los…)

Greyhound Lines, the bus service that launched nearly 100 years ago, is shifting into the 21st century by adding free onboard entertainment and wireless Internet services.

The Dallas-based company announced Monday the launch of an onboard system that allows passengers to surf the Web, watch movies, listen to music and play games on their own electronic devices.

The service is beginning on the company's premium Greyhound Express service between Dallas and Houston as a six-month pilot program, with an expansion to other areas expected later this year.

After the expansion, Greyhound officials said they may charge for the service but have yet to determine a price.

The Greyhound entertainment system, designed by German-based Lufthansa Systems, offers more than 25 movies, 15 hours of television shows, 100 music albums and five games, plus the ability to surf the Web.

"By enhancing their experience from the moment they buy their ticket to the time they step off one of our modern buses, we are ensuring our customers choose Greyhound time and again when it comes to travel," said Dave Leach, president and chief executive of Greyhound.

Some of Greyhound's buses already offered Wi-Fi services and power outlets. Under the new entertainment system, passengers can hook into the service through their own Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as tablets, laptop computers and smartphones.


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